British and American English

British and American English Differences

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English is the most popular language that are talked and learned around the world. But in learning English we find the two most popular language varieties named: British English and American English. Although there are many similarities between British English and American English, some differences can be found between British & American English. Mainly Commonwealth countries follow British usage.
One should bear one’s mind that while writing for British readers; one should only use British style. And same to the American readers.

Main British and American English differences

We find three major differences between British English and American English. They are:
1. pronunciations & spellings,
2. vocabularies, and
3. grammar.

Pronunciation & Spellings

These differences are found mainly in vowel and consonants, as well as stress and intonation. And these differences are responsible for creating common spelling differences between American and British English.
For example

In British English      :         Centre

In American English:          Center

In British English     :          Labour

In American English:          Labor 


These differences can be found mainly differences in nouns and verbs, especially phrasal verb usage and the names of specific tools or items.


Some differences can be also found in using grammar like tense, collective noun, prepositions, etc.
For example

In British English: I’ve lost my pen.

In American English: I lost my pen.

In British English: at the weekend

In American English: on the weekend

In British English:  Please write to me.

In American English: Please write me.

In British English: at high school

In American English: in high school

Which is more popular?

US English much popular and influential over the world. So American English is spoken around the world. It’s just because of media, the internet, and so on. British English dominates in course books at the universities, but a small number of foreigners can speak it. Most people tend to speak in a more American way. Because it’s simpler and quicker to learn.

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